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Electrician repair tool£¬What tools will be used in the process?

Article source:Foshan Xinzhi Hardware and Plastic Co., Ltd. Popularity:Issuing time:2021-08-30 12:19:45
  1. A screwdriver is one of the tools that will be used

    Fix and remove screws£¬The Cutter Bar is provided with insulating coating£¬SAFE use.

  2. Electric measuring pen

    It is used to check whether the object under test is electrically charged. If the object under test is electrically charged, the neon tube in the electric pen will give off light,

    if both ends of the electrodes in the neon bubble glow, the measured electricity is alternating current.

  3. Lot head Usually  Phillips Screwdriver/Slotted screwdriver

  4. They can measure a voltage of 500V