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Dual purpose screwdriver 9907

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Product nameProduct weight (kg)Handle widthHandle lengthLength of tool barNumber of inner containersInner box size(cm)Packing quantityOuter box size
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H5X75 PH1/SL50.073010075Corrugated box 20.5x10.5x6.51224044X23X34CM
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H5X100   Sand Ding Boxed0.083010075Corrugated box 22x11x7.21224048X24X39
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H6.3X100 PH2/SL60.10335110100Corrugated box 22x11x7.21224048X24X39
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H6.3X38  PH2/SL60.0563556100Corrugated box 25x11x7.21248048X27X39
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H6.3X150PH2/SL60.1313511038Corrugated box 27x11x7.21224048X29X39
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H6.3X200 PH2/SL60.14535110150Corrugated box 32x11x7.21224048X34X39
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H3X75    Sand Ding a set0.04326657528X18.5X13CM6024058X39X28
9907 Dual purpose 6150 H4X75    BLISTER0.04826657528X18.5X13CM3012058X39X28